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60 Years "Homo faber"

New exhibition from 25 October 2017

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On 20 June 1957, Max Frisch wrote to his publisher, Peter Suhrkamp: "I finished the novel this morning." A few months later, in the October, "Homo Faber" was published. After the global success of his novel "I'm Not Stiller", Frisch had managed to reinvent himself as an author yet again. The story of engineer Walter Faber, who is haunted by his fate even though he does not believe in providence, continues to resonate to this day: "Homo Faber" has been translated into around 40 languages, made into two films and performed on stage countless times.

The exhibition traces the making and impact of this classic: the long and winding road from the ruins of Greece to the publishing house in Frankfurt and into present-day classrooms.


25 October 2017, 18.00
Max Frisch Archive at ETH Library

Official welcome
Thomas Strässle (President of the Max Frisch Foundation)

Technische Existenz
Max Stadler (ETH Zurich, D-GESS) in a conversation with Tobias Amslinger (Max Frisch Archive)

Opening times of the exhibition

Mon-Fri, 10.00-17.00
Free entry

Film screening and talk with Volker Schlöndorff

28 February 2018, 18.00
ETH Zürich, CAB building, CABinett

Flyer of the exhibition (pdf, 1.77 MB)